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S.F.E.M is a Scientific Society, which purpose is to enhance the development of medical researches, such as the properties of flowers and herb extracts for/and towards human health.

Its main concern is to deliver a graduated teaching concerning their effects on human health.

Through our combined efforts, we will succeed in promoting the re-evaluation of this ancestral knowledge, through the scientific approach which is now based on the concept of : Clinical Phytotherapy.

It is based on the most precise and updated knowledge of all the mechanisms which interfer and participate in the development of all deseases.

The main scientific concept is the "Endocrinian therapy of the Terrain".

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The GOOD LEAVES, the newsletter of PHYTO 2000 is now open to ADVERTISING as long as Products are directly linked to this form of medicine.
Mailed to all its suscribers and available on all medical sites, as well as in specialized Pharm-stores, this quarterly magazine has a 5.000 ex. coverage. Thus you will IMPROVE YOUR IMAGE and help our Scientific research. For more detailed informations, please Email to PHYTO2OOO.